World Speed Record Mount Washington Climb

I have posted videos in the past about a camel and a handicapped dog that climbed the Mount Washington Auto Road. Now you're going to see just how steep and dangerous this road can be.

This is an actual road that normal cars can drive up for a fee. It's 7.6 mile road up a 6288 foot high mountain. The new course speed record was set at 6:20:47 minutes. They were going pretty dang fast. You do the math. lol.

The best part of this video is above tree line. Remember there are NO guard rails. One little mistake and they go flying. The co driver is giving the driver codes as to how fast to go and how sharp to turn the wheel. At one point he makes a mistake but quickly corrects himself. At another point they enter the base of the clouds and continue in the FOG. They exit the cloud bank near the summit.

Watch it in full screen HD if you can, and hold on to something, you're going for a ride!

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Matty said…
I can see myself taking that a road in a liesurely manner.....only. That was one wild ride.

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