Dam Canadians

Canada spoils all the fun. First they beat us in Olympic hockey on our home turf in Salt Lake City in 2006. Then they whip our butts in the overtime victory at the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver. US hockey just couldn't hold off Team Canada. Hey we will get you back in Sochi, Russia 2014! (wherever that is)

Now Canadians have taken a world record away from the US. What record would that be? The worlds largest beaver dam. It was a dam wet hairy rodent that took us down. It's somewhere so far north there isn't even a Tim Horton's there. (check the location at the top of this post)

They built a dam 850 meters or about a half mile in US length. That's about the distance from Central Park, to the Hudson River in New York City, or from the White House to the Washington Monument. Or it's the distance from the Sacajawea Hotel to Interstate 90 in Three Forks, Montana.

A headline in the Vancouver Sun reads, "Canadian Beaver Dam Can Be Seen From Space." Big deal it can be seen from space. Canada doesn't even have their own space shuttle. They have to borrow ours, and when they bring it back they don't even fill up the tank. And do you suppose some aliens are going to fly by in their flying saucer and say, "Woah! look at the size of that beaver dam! Let's stop and take some pictures."

Canadian beavers took the title away from the beavers of Three Forks, Montana. Their dam was only 652 meters long. Wow, like you beat the beavers from a backwoods state that has nothing but sheep and Yogi the bear. I'll bet you can't beat Texas beavers. Everything is bigger in Texas.

Canada's national symbol is the beaver. Who was the genius that picked a rodent as a national symbol? We at CrazyasaCoolFox have a thing against rodent like creatures. Check out our groundhog posts in the links below.

Well Canada: the US has the eagle as a national symbol. I bet your beaver can't beat our eagle in a boxing match. Come on... you know we would win.
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