Sepia Saturday - The Mile High Mountain

There is a mountain in Maine called Katahdin. The name comes from a local the local indian Penobscot language meaning "the great mountain." It's summit is the northern terminus of the 2180 mile Appalachian Trail that stretches from Maine to Georgia. I have climbed this mountain that has beautiful views from the top.

The height of Katahdin is 5260 feet above sea level just 20 feet short of one mile. This is according to official statistics by US Geological Surveys.

Foreground: survey marker
Background: summit cairn
But what is Mount Katahdin's unoffical height? For years hikers have added stones to a summit cairn. A legend is that the summit cairn adds 20 feet to the height of the mountain making it exactly one mile high.

I was reminded of this legend by a movie I recently viewed "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain" staring Hugh Grant. This movie is a hilarious story about a quaint Welsh village that takes pride in its local "mountain." But to officially qualify as a mountain it has to be at least 1000 feet above sea level. This town always thought of their mountain as a mountain and not as a hill. When two government surveyors came to town they found out otherwise. I loved this movie.

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