River Surfing

This is amazing. The Waimea River is on the island of Oahu in the State of Hawaii. It really has no outlet to the ocean. At least there isn't one that I can see from Google Earth. The water that flows downriver must seep into the ground or evaporates.

Evidently the surfers on Waimea Beach dig a channel in the sand to release some of the stored water in back of the beach. The result you see here on this video. The channel eventually erodes till it's big enough to cause a standing wave good enough for surfing. These guys are having so much fun.

It's so beautiful there. Makes me want to just run away and live on the beach there when I retire. haha

Surfing Waimea River from Paul Lethaby on Vimeo.
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Matty said…
Well isn't that the darndest thing.

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