Sepia Saturday - Mount Washington Gets Bigger!

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Here is an old news photo that I had stored in a box of childhood memories. It shows a ship actually cut in half. At the time I found it fascinating that they could actually cut a ship in half and expand it. I have held on to this old frayed clipping since 1982.

It shows the MS Mount Washington ready to be fitted with an extra 30 feet of hull. Going for a "cruise" around Lake Winnipesaukee is one of my earliest memories. It's a beautiful lake with many islands and intriguing stories.

The expansion of the "Mount," it's nickname, actually promoted it from being a motor vessel with the designation MV, to a motor ship with the designation MS. Looking carefully at the two photos you can see the difference between the two versions. The older Mount had 7 double cabin windows and the newer Mount has 9 double cabin windows on the lower level.

I feel like I'm being a cruise director here but if you're ever in the New Hampshire area this attraction is hard to beat. Check out their live webcam on their website.

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