Sepia Saturday - Rail Biking Through a Time Tunnel

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That's one confusing title isn't it? Recently I had the opportunity to go for a bike ride with my niece, grand niece and grand nephew. We cycled on the newly constructed rail trail from the Newburyport Commuter Rail Station, across the Merrimack River, and though Salisbury, Massachusetts.

In Newburyport the trail goes by the name Clipper City Rail Trail. In Salisbury it's called the Great Marsh Rail Trail. Both trails follow the old B&M Railroad line that once extended from Boston, Massachusetts to Portland, Maine.
Photo: L. Bograd - CrazyasaCoolFox staff

The first postcard shows the old Newburyport train station. It was razed in the 1960's after the line was closed. The second is a photo of one of the many informative historical signs along the trails.

The newer Newburyport Commuter Rail Station is now about one mile south of this location. It was part of the rail line rehab in 1996 and is considered the terminus of the line at the moment.

Also looking beyond that old train station imagine a giant black iron trestle spanning the Merrimack River. I wrote about that bridge in my post called "Bridge of Death."

Now imagine you are the photographer standing with your old camera taking the first photo. If you turn 180° and look south, you will see the image in the third photo.(postcard) The old post card shows a single track running through the High Street tunnel. In the fourth newer photo you can see that tunnel was widened to allow for a double track arrangement.

I usually share the messages written on the reverse side of old postcards, but there were no messages on these.

Photo: L. Bograd - CrazyasaCoolFox staff
All along the rail trail now are some incredible art sculptures. I shot many photos of these beautiful pieces and I'll feature them on this blog later.

It was a beautiful sunny fall day. We saw a lot of wildlife both flora and fauna. The day made for some treasured moments shared with my family.

Ride your bike on the web rail trail and through the internet tunnel to find more fine posts at Sepia Saturday by clicking here.

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