Sepia Saturday - Red Tree

This being the autumn season the leaves are turning colour around here. The green chlorophyll leaves and what you see is the true pigment in the leaf. Our area on the Atlantic coast is one of the last to have peak colour foliage in New England due to the warming effect of the ocean air.

My childhood home was in a rural area that bordered a lot of swampy lowland. There were many of what we called "swamp maples." The swamp maples seemed to change color first every year. Not only did they change first but they seemed to be the most glorious of trees

We had this one tree on the side of our yard we referred to as the "red tree" simply because it turned a blazing red colour every fall. There it is in background of this photo. Our family albums are loaded with people posed in front of the "red tree." This photo is a bit faded but it is truly the reddest tree you will ever see. My sister and I are posed here probably on a Sunday morning ready for church.

I had an opportunity a few years ago to see the red tree again. It is still thriving and is still as bright red as it always was.


One downside to living near a lot of beautifully coloured maple trees is that those leaves eventually fall. Guess who had to rake them? 
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