Sepia Saturday - The Witch's Warden

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Happy All Hallow's Eve everyone! My sepia saturday post comes from the center of America's history involving witch hysteria. Since CrazyasaCoolFox is produced in Salem, Massachusetts, what better post is there than of the Salem Witch House?

First things first, the Witch House was never occupied by witches. Witches were never accused, tried, judged or executed here.

So Why is it called the Witch House? Well for tourism actually. There is a huge sign written in gold leaf that says, "Witch House" and it sits at one of the main entrances to the city.

To it's credit it is the only remaining structure in Salem that has a direct connection to the witch hysteria of 1692. Judge Corwin, one of a panel of three, resided here. His walk to the townhouse where the trials were held would have been a short one down Essex Street.
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The structure was originally built in 1642, acquired by the Corwin family in 1675 and went through many different configurations and expansions. It was purchased by the City of Salem in 1945. In 1948 it was moved a few feet back to allow for roadway expansion and restored to it's 1692 configuration. The interior decor is as if someone were living there in 1692 and has just stepped out for a walk. It is still owned and operated by the city.

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