Shadow Shot Sunday - Ghost Yard

October is the high point of the tourism season in Salem, Massachusetts. This shot taken in the "Old Burying Point Cemetery" in Salem. Two judges of the infamous Salem witchcraft trials are buried here. Look closely at the play of the light rays through the tree. (click pic to magnify) Does anyone see a "spirit" here?
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Sylvia K said…
Well, I do believe that I do see a spirit there!! But whether I do or not, it's a terrific shadow shot for the day and perfect for the season! Have a lovely evening!

Jon said…
Sure enough - when I magnified the photo I can see a spirit on the upper part of the tree trunk (right-hand side of picture). Great shot, very atmospheric!
Kebeni said…
not sure if I can see anything, a bit of rainbow colouring on right side of trunk. Nonetheless it is a great shot. I find the whole witch trials fascinating
anka said…
Great shot. Love the airy sun rays and the shadows between.

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