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This week's theme: MONSTER

October is the high point of the tourism season in Salem, Massachusetts. This shot taken in the "Old Burying Point Cemetery" in Salem. Two judges of the infamous Salem witchcraft trials are buried here. Look closely at the play of the light rays through the tree. (click pic to magnify) Does anyone see a "spirit" here?
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Is that the sun glint or a manifestation? I do see some form in the tree and looking out of the window, and sitting on a grave stone, though. Happy TT.-J
Nanc Twop said…
Hopefully it was a friendly spirit... in that case it wouldn't be one of those judges.
Matty said…
I wouldn't want to be living in that house. Yikes.
Megan said…
"Did you see that?" "No, and neither did you."

I just finished reading "Practical Magic" and although Hoffman never mentions exactly WHICH town in Mass the witches live in, I had to assume it was Salem!

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