A Troubled Relationship

Recently we here at CrazyasaCoolFox found a box of correspondence that you may like to see:

Dear Ice Bergs,
Sorry to hear about global warming. Karma sucks doesn't it?
Love, The Titanic

Dear Titanic,
You should be grateful for all the fresh water we are adding to the oceans so your rusting old hulk doesn't decay anymore than it already has.
RMS TitanicImage via Wikipedia
Sincerly, The Ice Bergs

Dear Ice Bergs,
Hey you don't have to get so personal. Remember I was once the grandest ocean liner that ever sail the seven seas.
Yours Truly, The Titanic

Dear Titanic,
What did you say, you were the grandest to sail the seven seas? You only had one cruise and you couldn't even get that one finished. What's up with that?
Your Friends, The Ice Bergs

Dear Ice Bergs,
All you guys do is float around all day. If you guys couldn't get your lazy asses out of the shipping lanes we would probably still be sailing.
Regards, The Titanic

Dear Titanic,
Hey, you were supposed to be "unsinkable." What's up with that?  rofl
Forever yours, The Ice Bergs

Dear Ice Bergs,
OK, you got us there, but after you all melt away who's got the last laugh?
With much love, The Titanic

Dear Titanic,
You win :(
We remain, The Ice Bergs

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