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Being upset with Comcast's lousy internet speed last night I tweeted this:

Ummm Comcast could you tell me why I'm receiving my "lightning speed" internet service at DSL speed? Get with the program this isn't 1985.

So I received this reply from @ComcastMelissa:
@crazyasacoolfox Can I help?

My reply:
@ComcastMelissa What can you do to help me Melissa. Are you a Comcast employee?

ComcastMelissa's reply:
@crazyasacoolfox yes. I work for Comcast HQ in Philly.

My reply:
@ComcastMelissa What can you do for me? Youtube videos are loading slowly which is very disconcerting. What happened to Comcast "broadband?"

ComcastMelissa's reply:
@crazyasacoolfox DM the phone # on ur acct. I'll check things out.

My thought: This sounds very suspicious to me!

Since then I have asked both @comcast and @comcastcares if @comcastmelissa is really an employee.

No Reply!


She's definitely a Comcast employee. She's offered to help me before. But I agree...very suspicious. I thought the same thing the first time one of their "Customer care" reps contacted me.

In some cases that might actually be a better way to get help from them. At least they seem to actually care. *shrugs*
CrazyasaCoolFox said…
Thanks for your comment. It's good that Comcast has this service. I guess if it were better publicized I wouldn't be suspicious.
There must be a better way to provide customer support over social networking than asking someone for the account phone number.
BTW, love the title of your blog. I'm going to check it out right now.
Christine H. said…
You would think they'd be eager to verify her authenticity.
ComcastCares1 said…
I work with ComcastMelissa. She is definitely works for Comcast. We are here to help you if you still need help! :)

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations
CrazyasaCoolFox said…
Thanks Mark for letting me know this. I see potential for social networking customer service. But how can we better trust CSR's the randomly offer help?

Social Networking can be very anonymous as you know. Asking someone for for personal information like a phone number over public messaging like Twitter can be very suspicious and almost rude. I do realize @comcastmelissa asked me to DM the number. Still one doesn't have any clue who they are DMing personal information to.

Someone trolling for phone numbers and other personal information could very easily set up a Twitter account with, for example, the name @comcastzacharia or @comcastxavier then sit just like @comcastmelissa waiting for someone complaining about their service. They then offer to help asking for personal information.

The phone number that is associated with my account is the only number I use and I am very careful as to who has access to it. Isn't there something else a Comcast CSR could ask that would allow access to a customer's account or service? Perhaps the customer account number or certain code number off of a bill?

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