Twitter Comcast Conversation

Being upset with Comcast's lousy internet speed last night I tweeted this:

Ummm Comcast could you tell me why I'm receiving my "lightning speed" internet service at DSL speed? Get with the program this isn't 1985.

So I received this reply from @ComcastMelissa:
@crazyasacoolfox Can I help?

My reply:
@ComcastMelissa What can you do to help me Melissa. Are you a Comcast employee?

ComcastMelissa's reply:
@crazyasacoolfox yes. I work for Comcast HQ in Philly.

My reply:
@ComcastMelissa What can you do for me? Youtube videos are loading slowly which is very disconcerting. What happened to Comcast "broadband?"

ComcastMelissa's reply:
@crazyasacoolfox DM the phone # on ur acct. I'll check things out.

My thought: This sounds very suspicious to me!

Since then I have asked both @comcast and @comcastcares if @comcastmelissa is really an employee.

No Reply!

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