Sepia Saturday - Bridge Transformation

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This week's post may over lap another post I wrote about the bridge you see on the right in the post card view entitled Bridge of Death.

I wanted to show the transformation from the 1902 "Green Bridge" to the 1972 Gillis Bridge to the 2010 Clipper City Rail Trail. The Green Bridge is now gone. It carried US Route 1 over the Merrimack River. The Gillis Bride now serves Route 1.
The 4th photo is taken from the same vantage point as the postcard. The Gillis Bridge was built to the left of the Green Bridge in a curved flyover fashion.
In the lower left of the 3rd photo and the final photo you see a piece of sculpture which is part of the Clipper City Rail Trail and East Coast Greenway that crosses the Merrimack River at this point on the Gillis Bridge.

Rear of the postcard is transcribed here:
Postmark; Cushing, Mass (Salisbury Beach) Aug 10, 1908 4 PM. Addressed to; Miss Alice Warren, Proctorsville, Vermont. Message; Am at Salisbury Beach for a few days + this view is about 6 miles from where we are we went there on the electrics (trolley) We have had a great many thunderstorms but it has been pleasant for the last two days shall go home tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed visit very much. Aunt Abbie I.M.H.

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox

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