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Lynn Union Hospital, Lynn, Massachusetts, has devoted a large part of its grounds to a healing garden. Whenever I have an appointment there I love arrive early to just chill out here and listen to the water in the stream and wind through the trees. 
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Here can be seen a beautiful outdoor chapel adjacent to the indoor chapel where one can contemplate and relax.
Security guards come along and feed the koi in the stream. It's an unusual part of their job but I'm sure it's a great diversion for them. I think the koi are well fed from visitors too. Some are very big fish!

Past the koi pond up a small rise is a peace pole. "May peace prevail on earth," is inscribed on six sides in different languages. is a non profit group that manufactures and sends their poles around the world.
There are many interesting nooks for quiet conversation and privacy. The whole garden is designed with gentle curves. There are very few corners or straight lines.
The foligage gives a cool place to be outside in the heat of the summer. There are many flowering plants throughout the park.
Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
If you are ever at Lynn Union Hospital for an appointment or a visit have a seat for a few moments outside. I hope you will be feeling better when you leave.

 Soon I hope to write a post about the "healing dog"  at Lynn Union who is officially part of the hospital staff.
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