Forgotten 1775 battle now in focus - The Boston Globe

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The Boston Globe recently featured a bit of history I never new about. I like stories like this that supersede and shape other major events in human history. We always hear in American history that the Battles of Lexington and Concord where the first major conflicts of the American Revolution.

The battle of Chelsa Creek was fought after the battle at Lexington and Concord but it predates the Battle of Bunker Hill, a battle where the revolutionaries got creamed. This battle was planned. It was meant to infuriate the Britsh and force them to move.

And guess what? They fell for it. The British sent a ship up the creek to cut off the revolutionaries movement of ammunition. The ship got caught up in shallow water. She was then raided of her guns and ammuntion and set afire. Not a good day for the Vice Admiral who has the distinction of losing the first royal ship of the conflict.

The battle left the British at a disadvantage in holding Boston Harbor which they were forced to evacuate less than a year later.

Forgotten 1775 battle now in focus - The Boston Globe
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