Sepia Saturday - Grammie's Birthday

When I was growing up the the 1st of January was a special day to celebrate the new year, but the 2nd of January was even more special as it was my grandmother's birthday.

Today January 2, 2011 would be her 107th birthday. It's hard to believe she hasn't been with us for 11 years. A photo in sepia of her as an infant with her mother is included in this collage, as well as what I think was her final birthday with us. (lower right)

I found many photos of Grammie seated in her favorite rocker located in our house. My mother photographed her with myself several times. I never knew that but it's apparent that I was her favorite grandchild. (that's a bit of sarcasm here as it's a family joke)

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox


Winifred said…
What a great collage. Some lovely photos there.

I'm sad to think that as a child I took my grandparents for granted and assumed they'd always be there. Shame they were gone before I was old enough to really appreciate them. As a grandparent I now realise how much they loved me.
i miss my grandma too!!!


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