Sepia Saturday - Like Fathers Like Sons

Some poses are timeless aren't they? Boys with their bikes, boys with their dogs, and boys with their dads. From top left clockwise; me with my grandparent's boxer "Flash", me on my bike with my sister, my father on his trike in winter clothing, four generations (I'm on my grandfather's lap), my dad with his french bulldog, me with our boxer "Princess", my father on that same trike. Click on the collage to get a closer look.

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Christine H. said…
What a great collage. these are indeed classic and heartwarming. The only thing missing is boy with first date!
21 Wits said…
A lovely and touching collage! All the dogs are adorable too! Great all boy theme for Sepia Saturday!
Bob Scotney said…
Remarkable likeness in the four generations. There's no mistaking your are all related.
Great dogs.
grace said…
Wonderful photos and memories. I love the dogs especially the boxers.
Unknown said…
Very nice collage, would be a great Father's Day tribute..wonderful to have 4 generations in one photo
Unknown said…
Hi Crazy Fox, this was a great SS post. I never think to make a theme for my SS, but I am still fairly new to this. I agree with Pat, would make a nice Father's Day tribute.
All wonderful shots, but I'm especially taken with your dad in the knickers, bow tie, and great looking dog. It's a fun shot.
Nancy said…
That was a good idea to combine the photographs into a collage for Sepia Saturday. They are all such good shots. I, too, grew up with a boxer. Great dogs!
UnboxYourPhotos said…
What a wonderful collection of photos. Hope you have them prominently displayed somewhere!
Mel said…
Very nice collage. I particularly enjoy the dog poses!
Alan Burnett said…
You are right about the timelessness of poses which is odd as such poses rarely exist in real life, they are something we adopt when a camera lens is pointed in our direction.
great pics!! your dad on his tricycle is such a cutie!!

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