Shadows from the Past

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This shadow shot is a screen shot taken from a video I made. I shows the inside of a room called the East India Marine Hall, at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. This was once the meeting hall of 18th and 19th century sea captains. The room is adorned with ship figure heads, paintings, and artifacts from trade with what was then known as "East India." These images cast upon  the walls are projections taken from the captains logs. The shadows you are looking at are really "reverse" shadows. The process can be seen clearly in a video I produced of this amazing work of art.

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
The work is entitled "Figurehead" by Charles Sandison. Sandison is a digital artist who is known for his projections of art on walls of popular buildings. This work is the first in the museum's initiative to bring contemporary art to it's collect.

The companion exhibit, "Written on the Waves," is just downstairs and features several of the museum's ship's logs from the 1800's. Many of these log books have turned a warm sepia tone as they have aged over the years. The Sandison exhibit upstairs features words replicated from these log books "floating voices from the past," on the walls ceiling and floors of the East India Marine Hall.

The first video was produced by The second is a production of CrazyasaCoolFox.

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