Wild Witches

4th in a series from Haunted Happenings, Salem, MA October 31, 2010
I wanted these out before Thanksgiving. Sorry they are late.


21 Wits said…
Oh these are great photos! Thanks for getting them posted. If I had to pick a favorite it is the brown witch, with the tip jar, that I believe you have a close-up of her too...very nice, and it reminds me of a street performer I could have seen on Fisherman's Wharf...or in London...very cool! You live in a beautiful city for sure!
Alan Burnett said…
Spooky. And yes, the brown witch is the most striking.
DougVernX said…
That brown witch is actually a professional actress. She does similar things like this in downtown Boston. Her tip "bucket" was full of dollar bills i saw one day. She was good too. She would pose for u in different positions and let u have a photo

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