Sepia Saturday - Armory Arch

The Salem Armory was located on Essex Street next to what is now the Plummer Hall, part of the Peabody Essex Museum. In 1982 the head house burned leaving nothing but a shell. In 2000 the shell was in such disrepair it had to be torn down to make way for a new park.

The "drill shed," the back part of the armory, became the headquarters for the National Park Service Regional Visitors Center. The main entrance arch was saved and placed in it's original position to create an entrance for the park. The carved concrete sign above the door, seen in the second photo, was also saved and was placed on the facade of the drill shed.

Note: Bike chained to tree
(lower left)
The Second Corp of Cadets and the 8th Regiment where the two military units that occupied the old armory. Those units have served in every US military action to date in one form or another. The 2nd photo looks like World War I era soldiers "lounging" around the entrance to the head house. Also the flag near the stairs shows that this must have been a center for the local chapter of the American Red Cross.
Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
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Bob Scotney said…
You wouldn't pedal far on that bike. I had to enlarge the pic to see it was there.
But never mind the bike, all the photos were great
Alan Burnett said…
Love it. And you managed to get a bike in. I always think that "building history" is just as important and informative as "family history",
Karen S. said…
Pretty cool post...I'm not sure which way to go on this week's theme yet...but this Armory is cool, to me most every one I see looks some what like a castle! Great post!...and I love your blog's new look...and the fact that you have a fox who blogs! How cool is that! lol
I love all the different things that show up on this meme. People, buildings, post card as mine or just anything. I get a big kick out of it. Great post.
I love that they kept that arch. But how sad that the beautiful building is lost to time.
Whoever rode the bike was hearty unless it had been left there and then the snow came! These are very interesting as always. Love the old armories, many through the east have been torn down but you have preserved this for all of us to see.
Kodjo Deynoo. said…
need to get a new glasses, still can't see the bicycle,but love the history told
Love that the special arch has been left.

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