Groundhogs HACK Crazy as a Cool Fox

Yah that's right Mr. Fox, this is a military take over. We hacked your site and changed your password so you can't get in. hahahaha

We groundhogs, woodchucks, gophers own you! We are superior to foxes and will not put up with a crazy miniature dog to start predicting weather. All you foxes are good for is jumping in the snow and eating rats, which by the way are our cousins.

You have ranted all year about how we can't predict weather. Your little "final warning" doesn't scare us. Well guess what. You are NOT taking over our job. WE are taking over your blog.

By the way, Im giving you my prediction before February 2nd. You poor people will have to suffer through another six weeks of winter while I sleep cozily in my burrow. Have a fun winter! haha

I have a Facebook do you?
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