Theme Thursday - A Staircase to Freedom

Statue of Liberty with observation deckImage by IndigoValley via Flickr
This week's theme is spiral.

A very unique spiral can be found within the Statue of Liberty. The spiral stair case that leads to the crown observation deck is actually two staircases in one. Both are one person wide, very steep, with hand rails on both sides.

The spiral is very tight quarters, not a good place for those who dislike small spaces. One staircase leads up, the other leads down. If you were to look over the edge while going up, just under you there will be people walking downstairs which can be very confusing.

The statue was closed completely after 9/11 for security renovations. After it was reopened it was only open to view the interior from the base.

Recently the crown was reopened for private tours only with reservations required. The crown will again be closed next summer to completely replace the original "double-helix" designed staircase.

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