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Baby Debate

At least they agree to disagree.

Theme Thursday - Silly

Riddle: What's sillier than a collection of pink elephants? Answer below Answer: The person that searched the internet to create a collage of pink elephants is sillier than a pink elephant.
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Friendship Sky

Clouds seem striated above the Friendship of Salem on a brief warm sunny day. The Friendship of Salem is a replica of an East Indiaman trading vessel located at the National Maritime Historical Site located at Derby Wharf, Salem, MA, USA Related articlesBook Shop View ( from the Past ( Saturday - A Bridge of Defiance (


Twilight at Leslie's Retreat Park, Salem, MA
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A Shadow of Winter

South River Boardwalk Hope Springs Eternal (FYI: the groundhog did predict an early spring this year)

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Sepia Saturday - Arch Relocation

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on an archway that was salvaged from a burned out building that is now part of a new beautiful park. While I was writing this piece I thought that the story of  "saved architectural arches" was a familiar one. It actually happened in the city where I grew up.

The old YMCA was considered an architectural marvel. It was designed by the famed architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. He was the same architect to design Trinity Church of Boston, said to be on the top ten list of architecturally significant buildings in the country.

The old YMCA has Richardsons' signature brownstone archways, cornices and turrets. In sad fire on a cold winter night in 1982 it burned to the ground leaving nothing but a shell. It sat vacant for many years. The shell was propped up with external steel supports. Finally it was removed and the land given to the city.

When the commuter rail line was extended to Newburyport the arches that were saved were given to be part of t…

Canine Confession

This dog doesn't say it in words but check out his face.
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Theme Thursday - Paper Prayers

Image via Wikipedia This week the theme is paper.

One thousand folded paper cranes were used in Japan to wish a newly married couple 1000 years of happiness.  It is a legend that if one folds 1000 paper cranes their wish becomes true.

In the wake of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Japan a little girl named Sadako Sasaki was affected by the resulting radiation. After contracting leukemia her wish was to get better. She tried to make her wish come true by folding 1000 paper cranes.

Sadly she never met her goal. Her classmates completed her task and all 1000 cranes were buried with the little girl. In the name of world peace this lesson is taught to many school children around the world. Her story is an inspiration to persevere in the cause of peace.

Many people in Japan are now suffering from the same effects that the little girl Sadako suffered. The world needs to come to the aid of these thousands of victims of the latest disasters to help the people of Japan recover. Please send co…

The Passing of a Legend

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Cat Cartoon vs Real Life

I love cats. They provide hours of entertainment and the can get into everything. It's amazing how similar these two videos are. Related articlesFor the Love of a Tree ( Amazing Acro-Cats of Chicago (

Shadows in the Square

Copley Square in Boston is a very photo friendly place any time of the day. The many buildings you see in these photos are Trinity Church, John Hancock Tower, John Hancock Building, Old South Church, Boston Public Library
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Constitution Contempt

As per the theme this week I present a ship that was once (or twice) in a naval battle. The USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) has had a very tenuous past. She was launched in 1797 as part of the the new nation's first six war frigates. She was instrumental in many battles of the war of 1812.

After that it became a training ship during the Civil War, then a receiving ship, a dormitory for officers at the Portsmouth (NH) Naval Shipyard. Even after that it was displayed in Philadelphia for the centennial celebration and allowed to sail across the Atlantic to France for the centennial of the Treaty of Ghent. (peace accords for the War of 1812) As a museum ship she sailed through the Panama Canal to different ports on the west coast.

It was at one time slated to be sunk for target practice. The top photo shows it's condition as living quarters. Not a very good look for such a majestic and accomplished sailing vessel.

One of it's war engagements was actually a cat and mouse game.…

Epic Equus Asinus/Motor-Cross Marathon

The saddles on these things do not at all look too comfortable. Donkey or motor cross: your choice.Related articlesKiss Your Donkey Goodbye! ( Saturday - A Bridge of Defiance ( Thursday - Painted Pigs (

Theme Thursday - Are You Feeling Lucky?

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! On this day everyone is Irish :) I hope you are wearing your green.
Well I have tried to find different places in the world that are named for St. Patrick. As you can see this blog post is honoring the great hamlet of Saint Patrick, New Brunswick, Canada. Here's a photo from Google Earth.
And we also honor Saint Patrick, Province of Quebec, Canada
Do you see any leprechauns? Any pots of gold? Any rainbows?
These photos must have been shot in the summer
because there is plenty of green.

Finally here is a collage of other Saint Patricks
locations throughout North America.
Have a great day!

From upper left clockwise: St Patrick, NB, PQ, NJ, Trinidad- Tobago, Yellowknife NWT, MN, OH, TX

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Reflecting Rink

As spring approaches a father and son investigate
the last of the ice from the skating rink on Salem Common that seems to have turned into a beautiful reflecting pool.
March 12, 2011
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Cow Cadence

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Shadow Poles

As always, to see more shadow shots click on the link in the sidebar.

Time to Save Some Light

Tonight's the night we spring ahead to daylight savings time. Is this where we can keep our saved daylight?
12 of 12 is a monthly series of photos shot only on the 12th of each month.
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Sepia Saturday - A Bridge That Floats?

Seriously this bridge did float at one time. And yes it's another Sepia Saturday bridge post. (my obsession)

Welcome to the Floating Bridge in Lynn Massachusetts. The original bridge was constructed in the early 1800's as part of the Salem Turnpike, the main highway from Boston to Salem. As with most bridges of this era it was a toll bridge. The lake here is rather wide and it really couldn't be constructed of spans with the limited technology of the era.

So why did they decide to build the turnpike across the lake here? Well most of the turnpike is a staight line from Boston to Salem. As you can see from both photos there is a steep hill on the Salem side. This was where the lowest gap was in that ridge. So across the lake they went.

Then there was a legend that the lake was "bottomless." No technology was available to drive piles into a "bottomless" lake so they constructed pontoons to float the plank deck. Over the years the deck was repaired upon the…

Theme Thursday - Space: The Final Flight

How approprate that "space" was chosen as the theme this week. I don't think it was an accident. However, yesterday, there was an end of an era in space travel.

The space shuttle Discovery landed at Kennedy Space Center for the last time. The craft will be retired to be the central attraction at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

In its career it has accomplished many records which will be difficult to surpass. The most noble is, Discovery became the flagship of the shuttle fleet after the horrible breakup of Columbia over the Texas sky that much of the nation witnessed.

Discovery was the first shuttle to resume space travel after both shuttle accidents. Challenger and Columbia.

It became the most traveled space craft ever. It logged more than 148 million miles and 365 days was in orbit.

It carried the first US woman, the first Saudi Arabian, the first Spaniard, and the first Russian in an American space craft. It was chosen for the 100th shuttle launch and it's t…

Shadows of the Court

Notice that shadow extending across the 2nd floor of this building? Could it be the long arm of the law?

Well in a sense it is the long arm of the law. That shadow was caused by this "retro" protrusion from the unfinished Essex County Court Complex.

The granite building is the county family and probate court building.

Further east, completing "courthouse row," are the Essex County Superior Courthouse and county commissioners building. All photos were taken within minutes of each other.

The new complex will house the county superior court, juvenile court,  probation services, and Salem District Court. The old superior court (1861) and commissioners building (1841) have not yet been given a new purpose.

As always click the link in the side bar to see more shadow shots.
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Sepia Saturday - Lonely Ladies

Lately I have been shooting a lot of photos in a cemetery near my home. It's very peaceful and serene there and a great place for a brisk winter's day walk. There is a pond there where a group of one hundred or so mallard ducks have kept a small part of the pond open of ice just from the action of their swimming and feeding. Usually I bring bag of stale bread, crackers, cookies etc. with me to feed these hungry guys. I'm usually swarmed or a better word might be mobbed.

The Greenlawn Cemetery was designed by Fredrick Olmstead Law. He is the same architect that designed Manhattan's Central Park and Boston's Emerald Necklace. The way it's laid out, it's as though it was a cemetery in the woods.

I came across this plot of dark slate stones under a grove of ancient cedars. They are all graves of women born in the early 1800's and died around the turn of the 20th Century. Some do have veterans flags which leads me to believe they served during the Civil War,…

Book Shop View

This is the window of an old school book shop in Salem. Derby Square Bookstore is the most disorganized shop I have ever seen. There is hardly a place to turn around inside the narrow aisles. If you go there looking for a book, forget it. The only person that can help you is the shop proprietor. You can trust that if your book in his shop he will know right were to find it. You can also trust that if he doesn't have your book he will find it in another store and have it shipped. All this knowledge is done without the aid of a computer. This book shop works on trust.

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