Sepia Saturday - Arch Relocation

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on an archway that was salvaged from a burned out building that is now part of a new beautiful park. While I was writing this piece I thought that the story of  "saved architectural arches" was a familiar one. It actually happened in the city where I grew up.

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The old YMCA was considered an architectural marvel. It was designed by the famed architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. He was the same architect to design Trinity Church of Boston, said to be on the top ten list of architecturally significant buildings in the country.

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The old YMCA has Richardsons' signature brownstone archways, cornices and turrets. In sad fire on a cold winter night in 1982 it burned to the ground leaving nothing but a shell. It sat vacant for many years. The shell was propped up with external steel supports. Finally it was removed and the land given to the city.

When the commuter rail line was extended to Newburyport the arches that were saved were given to be part of the new train station. The arches live on much like the arch of the old armory in Salem.

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