Sepia Saturday - Lonely Ladies

Lately I have been shooting a lot of photos in a cemetery near my home. It's very peaceful and serene there and a great place for a brisk winter's day walk. There is a pond there where a group of one hundred or so mallard ducks have kept a small part of the pond open of ice just from the action of their swimming and feeding. Usually I bring bag of stale bread, crackers, cookies etc. with me to feed these hungry guys. I'm usually swarmed or a better word might be mobbed.

The Greenlawn Cemetery was designed by Fredrick Olmstead Law. He is the same architect that designed Manhattan's Central Park and Boston's Emerald Necklace. The way it's laid out, it's as though it was a cemetery in the woods.

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
I came across this plot of dark slate stones under a grove of ancient cedars. They are all graves of women born in the early 1800's and died around the turn of the 20th Century. Some do have veterans flags which leads me to believe they served during the Civil War, perhaps as nurses. Upon greater exploration I found a large stone with a bronze plaque indicating this is the burial plot of the Home for Aged Women in Salem. Coincidently the Home for Aged Women is still in existence continues to bear the same name as well as "Brookhouse."

Brookhouse (left)
As you can see from these stones the snow here is sill around two feet deep. It has settled and compacted from around the 6 feet that we have received so far this winter. There has been some freezing and thawing lately which made for a nice solid crust enough to support my weight.

I love the contrast of the dark slate stones against the white of the snow.
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