Theme Thursday - Space: The Final Flight

How approprate that "space" was chosen as the theme this week. I don't think it was an accident. However, yesterday, there was an end of an era in space travel.

The space shuttle Discovery landed at Kennedy Space Center for the last time. The craft will be retired to be the central attraction at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

In its career it has accomplished many records which will be difficult to surpass. The most noble is, Discovery became the flagship of the shuttle fleet after the horrible breakup of Columbia over the Texas sky that much of the nation witnessed.

Discovery was the first shuttle to resume space travel after both shuttle accidents. Challenger and Columbia.

It became the most traveled space craft ever. It logged more than 148 million miles and 365 days was in orbit.

It carried the first US woman, the first Saudi Arabian, the first Spaniard, and the first Russian in an American space craft. It was chosen for the 100th shuttle launch and it's the only space craft to launch on the Fourth of July. (that's one big firecracker) It also carried the the oldest astronaut in John Glenn's second space flight, who was America's first astronaut to fly in orbit in 1961.

What an honor it was to have William Shatner, from Star Trek, narrate the
wake up call" for Discovery's final day in space. Now this is cool:

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