Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure - Part 2

This post is the second in a 10 part series on a trip that my mother and my aunt took to the western part of the United States back in 1990.

At this point in her life my mother, Fran, was recovering from complications with her legs and other health issues. She was recently retired from an admitting clerk position she held at a local hospital. Both her and my Auntie Bunt, my father's sister, were very good friends and both widows. They were also very adventurous.

May 31 1990 Thursday Day 3

50 Degrees
6:30am checked out of Ramada inn after night manger apologized for being rude. I told him it was not my fault he had a bad night. There, i feel better. Starting south on route 25 to Walsenburg CO. where we had bacon and eggs (13.50 for 2). We have an immersible electric rod that we make our coffee each morning in our motel room. That with Nilla wafers or crackers keeps us going until we feel like stopping. we also decided to start a $50 each kitty which bunt takes care of. Good system! We got lost in the little town of Walsenburg CO. No problem. We just took the scenic (not very scenic] route from route 25 We turned west onto route 160 we saw a very long freight train and was very glad it didn’t have to cross in front of us. We have seen a bird, a little bigger than a robin, black with green and black long tail, which our bird lady, Bunt identified as a magpie. Isn’t she smart? Colorado City to Pueblo CO. seemed like a prairie with cattle grazing on very flat land and no water in sight. Bunt drove from Walsenburg to Fort Garland, where we bought our first gas. Stopped in Alamosa to cash travelers checks. Until now scenery sandy and desert like but now we're in the mountains South Fork, Wolf Creek (el. 10,850). Just gorgeous! Not very elegant facilities at San Juan National Park. eck! Tailgated at Pagosa Springs with delicious bologna and cheese sandwiches. We saw many run away truck ramps going over those mountains. Very glad none in use as when we went through. We made it to Cortez CO, 375 miles today. Quite a lot for us. Lazy G Motel, $42.00, with just a few ants in bathroom and screen cut. We found out the hard way you get what you pay for. Had a salad at Warsaw restaurant. $12.50 for two. Too cold for a while.

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox

June 1 1990 Friday Day 4
Leaving Cortez, retracing our tracks approximately 10 miles because we want to see Mesa Verde. We went up and I mean up about 20 miles but our schedule made us turn around. beautiful scenery and after exiting from a tunnel we saw 5 deer plus two more deer passed in front of us. We're trying to identify a pink and white flower with heart shaped leaf. we must find a wild flower book. We must put this place on our places to do again some day. We went back to Cortez and had egg Mcmuffin at Macdonalds. (10.00) gas (13.00). we stopped just outside of Cortez, routes 160/666 to take a picture of a strange rock formation. saw tumbleweed and sand dunes on way to the four corners where four states come together. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah. The Indians charged a dollar apiece to enter the four corners where they had many booths set up with jewelry and junk for sale. We're now in the painted desert of Arizona. Red sand stone monolith, with many shades of red, pink, rose, vermilion, rust, tan ,and off white sand, it s real windy. We had to turn our lights on in a real dust storm but thank heavens it didn"t last long. Sheep in the road. We went to Navajo Monument in Tegi Arizona. We tailgated again in a camping area and fed the chipmunks. We're on route 64 to rt 89 and back on 64 heading for Grand Canyon. a cute female ranger wanted to know if there was anyone in the car over 62. Nice to be carded!! We found our Yavapai lodge after 25 miles into the Grand Canyon Park. Our motel room was great. We took a walk to the main lodge and decided to go on a sunset tour that was leaving immediately. We went but i was not dressed for it. I enjoyed the tour very much even if i was a little cold. Tim our tour guide took us to Movave lookout to watch a magnificent sunset. We also got an idea of what we wanted to see tomorrow. Pie and coffee in the cafeteria was $5.00 for two. 339 miles today. To bed 10:10 ww time.

June 2 1990 Day 5
We were up early and ready to go to an orientation film at the visitors center. We waited quite awhile, then took a walk and came back to the center and it still forgot to open. Finally at 7:30am Arizona time we saw our film. We lost an hour and we haven't found it yet. We're having sure a good time. Who cares about an hour. Had a delicious breakfast at Havapie lodge and then took a shuttle to Havapie Point. Views are spectacular, awesome ,and beautiful. We listened to a ranger tell us about the canyon. very interesting. We took another shuttle to Bright Angel Lodge and transferred to West Rim shuttle. We went all the way to Hermits Rest and saw many awesome views along the way. No cars are allowed on this West Rim therefore the shuttle is a great way to travel and see so much. It's 2:00pm. We're back to motel room resting, writing cards, writing in journal etc. I called mother. We took a shuttle to community house to see a movie about the canyon over the edge. We went back via shuttle to Yapapie Lodge and had the worst hamburger we have ever been served. Neither one of us could eat it. $8:00 for 2. Terrible!! We went to a campfire (no fire) and saw another film about the caynon. Enough of that! We went back to our motel room and watched tv for a short while. Another nice day except when we saw where the mules were housed. The odor upset me just a little!!

Top photo: Bunt, Bottom photo: Fran
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