Sepia Saturday - American Gothic

This old photo in a way reminds me of that classic painting of a mid western couple in front of their farmhouse. In that painting entitled American Gothic by Grant Wood the expressions on both couples are rather "bland" and serious looking.

I suppose the time when portraits or photographs were serious business. Perhaps it was the economy of the 1930's. People had less money then, to have a photograph taken was a real sacrifice  Perhaps photographs of couples weren't meant to show any emotion.

Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
This is a photo of George and Edith Shields Mc Nally as my mother had hand label meticulously in our family albums. Sometimes it is hard to read her cursive but I think I was able to decipher this one properly. Edith would be my grandmother's sister, thus my great aunt. I never meet her or my Uncle George. They lived far north in Houlton, Maine.

I love Aunt Edith's hand embroidered collar. Also what stands out is the triple chain necklace and how perfectly her hair is kept. My uncles tie is neatly and tightly cinched at the top and kept straight with his tie clasp.

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