Are You ready for the Summer? - Movie Night

Those of us  that spent nights away from home at a "stay away" camp might remember "movie night." These movies were usually played on an old reel to reel projector clicking away in the background. Movies where projected on a white sheet at the front of the hall and we all would sit in a favorite spot on the floor.

Some of us would bring a blanket or towel to lay down on and to keep us warm. It was inevitable that the ancient projector your break down at some point. This would provide a perfect opportunity to break for the bathroom. Maybe some of us would find things like scraps of paper to throw at the screen while the projectionist would re thread the projector.

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Most times the movie would be a recent horror flick. This would leave us scared to death. We sat there knowing we would have to walk across the darkened campus to our cabins for the night. Those cabins didn't offer much protection for the monsters we saw during the movie. All that separated you from doom was a then screen which was just to keep the mosquitoes out. It wasn't too successful at keeping mosquitoes out either. Most of us layed there awake for a long time waiting for that monster listening to any noise that might emminate from the woods.

Counselors can be evil sometimes. I remember a counselor that pounded on the back of our cabin as we layed there in fear. We all screamed like little girls cowering under our blankets... :)

Do you remember that 1980's classic camp film called "Meatballs" starring Bill Murray? The opening and closing song is entitled "Are You Ready for the Summer." This is where I got the idea for this camp series.

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