Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure - Part 4

This post is the fourth in a 10 part series on a trip that my mother and my aunt took to the western part of the United States back in 1990.

At this point in her life my mother, Fran, was recovering from complications with her legs and other health issues. She was recently retired from an admitting clerk position she held at a local hospital. Both her and my Auntie Bunt, my father's sister, were very good friends and both widows. They were also very adventurous.

June 7 1990 Wednesday Day 9

We left Cedar City, temperture 70 degrees in the shade, at 8:00am. (mileage 8125,gas & oil $10,90) We headed for Dixie National Park. Its very green with many aspen trees just starting to bloom. The elevation is 8,000 feet with snow beside the roads and up in the mountains. Sorry I just zapped a woodchuck because he couldn"t decide which way to go and he made the wrong decision. We stopped at Navajo Lake, another beautiful sight. So far, no brake noise. We saw a deer looking at us and the co-pilot said you left him standing, Good thing or she might have lost her pilot. We had breakfast at Hatch, Utah.(for two $12:50) On our way to Bryce Canyon, we went through Red Canyon and I mean red rocks everywhere. Elevation 7,000 feet. at Bryce Canyon. We took a tour in a long, bright yellow, 1938 limousine.($7:00) It seated 14 people but there was only one other lady except our tour guides Don and Erin who were very nice also informative. We stopped at three lookouts; Bryce, Paria, and most impressive Inspiration Point. We saw a cracker jay. Gray with brilliant blue on it's back and a pringle manizanta bush with a tiny apple on it that the indians ate as a fruit. They must have eaten a lot of them to equal one of our apples. Bryce Lodge has been renovated to look like it did in 1924. Glad we didn"t miss this side trip. "No room at the inn" at Ruby's another old western building. We found a Best Western in Panouick Utah (dirty pool) for $55:00. We walked to grocery store for more essentials. $50 for kitty. Sent Judy Laroux a graduation card today because I wanted her to know 1 was thinking of them. We only traveled 108 miles today. Good!!


Mileage 8234 at 6:40am. We're off to Salt Lake City. Just outside of Panguitch we saw a real western sight. We had to stop to let about fifty cows and heifers cross the highway with a cowboy driving them. A little further down the road we saw a lot of sheep and more cattle in the road. From Panguitch we took rt 89 to 20w to 1 5n (a secondary road). First dead animal today Bunt saw a dead squirrel, dead bird ,and a dead rabbit. Oh, dear. Next stop Nephi, Utah, Gas $9.65, french toast and sausage at burger king $5:31 each not including our best breakfast. We're surrounded by mountains. Just one with snow. Bunt drove to Provo UT. about 250 miles. We arrived in Salt Lake City at noon and decided to cancel our reservations at Best Western because Howard Johnson was nearer to the temple. We had quite a jaunt with our luggage because our room was on the fourth floor and the parking garage only went to the third but we managed. We did quite a bit of walking trying to orient ourselves. At 4:pm we attended an organ recital and at 8:30 we went to the choir rehearsal at the tabernacle. We're glad we didn't miss this part of our trip. We ate dinner at hotel r b restaurant. We went back to our room and to bed another great day. 250 miles today.

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June 8 1990 Friday Day 11

We're going on another side trip to try to find the Great Salt Lake, no problem. On Mother's Day, in 1983, the temperture rose very fast to 85 degrees, melting the snow on the mountains, causing a terrible flood and much devastation to this area. The lake rose and did a lot of damage to buildings and parks. We wanted to put our feet in the lake but it didn't look too inviting. But it looked better the further we went from the city. We saw the of mortons salt. Back to Howard Johnson for their salad bar. $12.50 for two, We took the trolley for a ride around Salt Lake City and we got off at Trolley Square Mall and shopped for awhile. Our shopping trips don't last very long. Back to Howard Johnson's we went the jacuzzi and pool. In the pool you could see the top of the temple. We played rummy kubes so I could take care of myself. She's a good traveling companion. 86 degrees at 7:00 pm. We traveled just 48 miles today.

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox

Top: Bunt, Bottom: Fran

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