Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure - Part 5

This post is the fifth in a 10 part series on a trip that my mother and my aunt took to the western part of the United States back in 1990.

At this point in her life my mother, Fran, was recovering from complications with her legs and other health issues. She was recently retired from an admitting clerk position she held at a local hospital. Both her and my Auntie Bunt, my father's sister, were very good friends and both widows. They were also very adventurous...

June 9 1990 Saturday Day 12

Mileage 8532 it's 7:50am and were driving down HJ 3rd floor garage ramps at Salt Lake City Utah. Gas $8.30. We're on our way up again, beautiful scenery in Cache National Park. Today is "free fishing day" in Utah, therefore, we've seen many fishermen. As we go up to an elevation of 9,029 at Bear lake, I took a picture of Bunt sitting on a rock with aqua blue lake and snow capped mountains in the background. Hope we'll be able to figure out where these pictures were taken.

11:20am we're now in Montpelier Idaho, where it's spring again with the lilacs in bloom. We stopped for lunch at Nerday"s restaurant.(166 miles). We're now in Caribou National Forest at the Geneva Summit elevation 6938. At 1:20 pm we're in Bricher National Forest with cattle grazing in the valley, snow capped mountains, and dandelions galore. Afton Wyoming, lilacs again with flowering crabapple trees. We sure picked the right time of year for our western trip. I'm still wondering why a dozen cows were running quite fast near the road with nothing visible chasing them. we're in Targhee National Forest (pop. 278) and riding along the Snake River. We stopped to see people really enjoying themselves rafting, kayaking and even using a surf board on the white water. We're approximately 27 miles from Jackson Hole, 30 miles to Moran Jct.,and 8 more to Hatchett Motel. I guess we're getting tired but the scenery is spectacular!! We're riding along very close to the Grand Tetons with their snow covered caps. I stopped and took some pictures but the stupid camera or the dumb photographer did something wrong. 324 miles today, but it was a beautiful ride and then we had reservations at this lovely spot with immaculate, rustic cabins. We had happy hour in our room and then we took a short walk to look over the lay of the land. Interesting!
We stopped at the office for some ice and Laurie ((Fran's daughter)) called (no phones in the cabins) posing as the Wyoming State Patrol, it sure was nice to hear her voice.

Mother the jokester :)

June 10 1990 Sunday Day 13

We went back to Jackson Hole because it was raining we decided to do a little shopping. After it stopped showering (only second day in 13). We took a boat ride across Jenny Lake to St. John mountain where we climbed up for about a half mile to see "hidden falls", well worth the climb even if i slipped in the mud and fell and got the seat of my pants muddy. But I just copied Bunt who had fallen that same day when she stepped in a hole and fell on her hand and knee. We just didn"t want people to forget that we were there. Anyway, the magnificent Grand Tetons with snow on the tops of them are indescribable. We also saw a very tame western tanager, a yellow heartleaf arrice (flower). But best of all we saw a coyote about 10" from the car. He jumped on his prey, very unconcerned that we were so close. Quite a sight! That darn Bunt bought some sen-sen just because it reminded her of the olden days. She keeps blowing her bad breath in my face and I'm ready to throw up. We drove about 106 miles today. It's H H and I'm tired of writing except to note that this rustic cabin is real cute and clean. It's in a very remote area so I thought we might see a bear in the back yard but I guess we frightened him.

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June 11 1990 Monday Day 14

Cool about 50 degrees mileage 8962. We left the Hatchett Motel at 8:26am and headed north for Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Tetons are ahead and on our right and still spectacular. It's still cloudy but we can still see the snow capped mountains. Two minutes on the road, Bunt saw something dead. What eyes she has for dead animals even when she's driving. I'm trying to forget the terrible night I had with leg cramps but i want to record it. We saw a large white daisy about 4 inches in diameter and a 6 inch leaf but we can"t find in our $10 worth of wild flower books. Patches of snow on the ground just after we went through the east entrance to Yellowstone at 9:50am. We're seeing terrible devastation from the June 1988 fire. We passed the continental divide elevation 7988. We stopped at Grant Village info center and then continued on to West Thumb and passed the continental divide again elevation 8262. Mileage 9040 approximately 78 miles to Old Faithful from Moran Junction. We just missed a showing or spurting of Old Faithful so we walked around and had a lunch at cafeteria. We had cold beef stew and a coke for two $11:00. Old Faithful erupted in all her glory quite a sight. She erupts on the average of every 65 minutes ranging from 32 to 120 minutes. We're still going north to Gibbons Falls its just lovely. Gibbons River is a huge babbling brook that Cookie ((Fran and Bunt's friend)) would just love to put her feet in if it wasn't so cold. We saw fishermen standing hip deep in the water but they had their hip boots on. Hailstones in Yellowstone Grand Canyon (Norris Geyser Basin). cold!! Canyon Village el. 7918. We saw 3 elk on the side of Yellowstone River, 4 buffalo and further on we saw about 3 dozen at boiling sulphur cauldrons. At Canon Village on the lake we saw about a dozen large white pelicans which the bird lady Bunt identified immediately. No room at the inn or any place at Yellowstone for us. We headed for Coty 80 miles away: many more bison. moose and elk in this area at Yellowstone Lake. Mileage 9101 at Fishing Bridge. We took pictures at Eleanor Lake in front of Frozen Lake, snow and falls, as we rounded a corner in the road a beautiful little doe looked at us and said with her eyes "please don't hit me I'm too pretty." So I didn"t thank god! We entered Shoshone National Park at 4:50pm and Bunt took over the driving. We're going through more stone mountains at Wapiti National Park 40 miles west of Coty Wyoming. We checked out one motel but we didn't like it. We stayed at Best Western Sunset $68.25 and had a delicious dinner of trout and chicken fettuccine for $26:00. We went to bed early, We stopped a lot and saw alot today so we just went 158 miles. The end of another great day.

Top: Bunt, Bottom: Frances
Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
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