Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure - Part 6

This post is the sixth in a 10 part series on a trip that my mother and my aunt took to the western part of the United States back in 1990.

At this point in her life my mother, Fran, was recovering from complications with her legs and other health issues. She was recently retired from an admitting clerk position she held at a local hospital. Both her and my Auntie Bunt, my father's sister, were very good friends and both widows. They were also very adventurous...

Continued from previous post:
Beautiful little doe looked at us and said with her eyes "please don't hit me i'm too prettym" so i didn"t thank god! We entered Shoshone National Park at 4:50pm and Bunt took over the driving. We're going through more stone mountains at Wapiti National Park 40 miles west of Coty Wyoming. We checked out one motel but we didn't like it. We stayed at Best Western Sunset $68.25 and had a delicious dinner of trout and chicken fetticini for $26:00.  We went to bed early. We had stopped alot and saw alot today so we just went 158 miles. The end of another great day.
Old Faithful - Yellowstone National Park

June 12 1990 Tuesday Day 15

We went for a little walk this morning to find a cheaper motel than last nights $68.25 So tonight we're staying in another Best Western Sunrise for $56.25 plus tax. We did a little shopping gas, groceries,supplies also breakfast at Mac Donalds. We visited Buffalo Bill Historical Center $7.50. Most of our expenses are paid out of the kitty (Bunt doesn"t let me pay for anything she's the last of the big time spenders but that's alright with me). We moved to our new motel and did our washing. This is the second time we missed seeing a rodeo, first time no room in the inn, second time to cold and windy. We'll get there yet. We had a nice lunch in our room with our NH, chicken, macaroni salad. Not bad at all. I called Carol Anne (Fran's daughter) and mother, so nice to hear their voices. We went for a short walk and checked out three churches across the street from our motel. We played rummy kubes.

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June 13 1990 Wednesday Day 16

About 40 degrees this morning when we woke up at 3:30 am the electricity was out therefore no heat or hot water. It came on at 7:30 but still to cold to take a shower. We took a short cold walk before we checked out of motel. We tried our brakes again, no noise but we're still worried. We saw two deer and many cattle, we blinked as we went through Greybull, pop.2777 and found we were on the other side of the town. We stopped in Worland WY, pop, 6391 for brunch at "the Big Horn Cafe." I had 2 large
Pancakes and 4 sausages for $4.02 and bunt had a huge ham and cheese omelet with homemade bread toast. for $4:48. Delicious and a great price, next stop Ten Sleep WY. Indians named this town (pop. 407)because it was ten sleeps away from their main camp. We visited dirty sallies, a fictional movie star, gift shop. We're now climbing Big Horn Mountain with white water beside the road in Ten Sleep Creek. We changed drivers because Bunt's hands are sweating. She said, "I can't take these heights." She sure is a good sport with all the mountains we've been up, down, and around. I saw a sign to a national lake so we decided to take a side trip. It was a mistake, many curves, pot holes on a dirt road that took us to a deserted lake. It didn't take me long to turn around and head out. Yikes! There's snow on the roadside at Big Horn Powder River Pass elevation 9666. We stopped at the Best Western Cross Road Inn in Buffalo WY. We found a great room beside the pool for $50 plus tax. We had a swim. Shower, dinner and then took a walk. Dinner at motel consisted of veal cutlets, baked potato, and salad bar for $6.60 We went to carousal park and we played miniature golf! Lost but we had a great time. This is the first time i have played golf. Back to motel room, we played cribbage and went to bed at 10:10pm.

Left: Bunt, Right Fran
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