Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure - Finale

Fran and Bunt

This post is the last in a 10 part series on a trip that my mother and my aunt took to the western part of the United States back in 1990.

At this point in her life my mother, Fran, was recovering from complications with her legs and other health issues. She was recently retired from an admitting clerk position she held at a local hospital. Both her and my Auntie Bunt, my father's sister, were very good friends and both widows. They were also very adventurous...
((I've written an epilogue below))

June 23, 1990 Saturday Day 25

It's quite warm and clear today. We met our van just outside our motel to go on a tour of Rocky Mountain National Park with Eva from RMNP Tours, Ltd. There was just one other couple, Gail and her friend from Chicago. She was an office worker for Midway. The "Trail Ridge Tour" cost $15.00 each including tip. We went up the Trail Ridge Road, (highest continuous paved road in North America), Fall River Road, magnificent alpine tundra in Alluvial Fan, and Milner Pass. We saw elk and a big horn sheep from afar. Above the tree line we saw lots of snow and outstanding views. We also met our friends (Lorraine and husband) that we met the night before at the Barleen Western Show. He walked up to us and asked if we had any chocolate cake. We stopped at the Alpine Visitors Center where Bunt and I threw snowballs at each other on the highest peak, elevation 11,796 feet. Wow!! Great tour. We went to the Holiday Inn for dinner which consisted of: salad bar, chicken, mashed potatoes and a beer all for $10.00 plus $3.00 tip each. Delicious!!

June 24, 1990 Sunday Day 26

Mileage 977, 76 degrees at 900 AM
We're leaving our great spot by the white water, Thompson River, heading down the mountains to Loveland, CO. Headed south on route 257. We stopped at a craft fair in Berthond, CO. It was real hot as we walked around the fair. I bought a couple of coffee cup rug mats and a cute little pig magnet. We passed a Barton Mobile Home Park in Campion, CO. ((Barton was Fran's maiden name)) elevation 4957 feet. We bought gas ($5.00) and had lunch at a favorite restaurant, Sizzlers. We had appetizer and salad bar etc. for $13.00. We stayed in a very deluxe Raintree Plaza Motel for $79.00 after discount plus 2 complimentary drinks and breakfast, we thought we got a pretty good deal, we had a great swim and then we played RK. ((Rummy Kubes)) Bunt won, I had another bad night but this is our last night, we made it.

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June 25 1990 Monday Day 27

Were leaving Raintree Plaza at 10:15 AM. It's 92 degrees and were heading for Stapleton Airport and home. We took 287 south to Route 70 in Denver which took us directly to airport and the Hertz Car return at 11:30 AM. After checking our heavy luggage thru to Boston we took the shuttle to Stapleton Airport, I'm real proud of this team getting us to and through Denver. We decided to have a beer ($5.90 for two) and some of our snacks that we brought with us. What a mess we left in the motel room: crackers, cheese, paper products and our faithful ice chest that served us well for breakfast, lunch, and happy hours. We had a two hour wait before our United flight 354 leaves at 3:20 pm mountain time. Its now 97 degrees and there"s some question if they'll be able to take off with enough fuel to take us to Boston because of the intense heat. We might have to stop and refuel in Detroit, Michigan. It's now 4:10 pm and the temperature has dropped enough so we'll be able to take all our fuel. Expect to go nonstop to Boston. We're finally 10th of 24th, in line at 5:10 PM for take off. Arrived in Boston at 10:30 PM and it's 75 degrees. It sure seemed good to see Douglas ((me)) waiting for us. We arrived home about 11:30 PM.

This was a great trip that we'll never forget. It was just great to go away but nice to be home again.

((The final page in Fran's western trip journal was this post-it note from my sister and an expense list.))

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Epilogue by Crazy as a Cool Fox:

I'm so happy to have shared my mother's journal with everyone here. I wasn't sure how this would go, how I would feel after I started, and how it would be received around the world. I wasn't sure I would have readers after 10 different episodes but you all stayed there keeping up with Fran and Bunt as they traveled the wild west.

They say that after a loved one has passed on that people tend to forget what their voices sound like. Having you all out there to read and listen to her words has brought my mother's voice back to me. I can hear her now as though she was right next to me.

I'm not sure what my mother would think of all this internet stuff. The internet was in it's infancy when she passed on. I do know she would be shaking her fist at me (lovingly) for posting her picture on this blog. I would have done that anyways just to get her going. :)

I'd like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful comments. You all had such nice things to say. I could tell there was a lot of heartfelt support from you all.

PS: This is the 600th post for Crazy as a Cool Fox!

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