Park Your Car in Harvard Yard

Years ago I traveled to West Virginia to attend college. Everyone there was excited to see me. Partly because I was someone from another part of the country but also because of my "accent." Folks would ask me to say, "park your car in Harvard Yard." In Bostonian it sounds like, "pahk youh cah in Hahvud Yahd." After they intently listened to me say this there would be delightful giggles. I got so annoyed at being asked so many times to say this that I learned how to speak it "properly," without an accent. People were dismayed when I repeated that line exactly as they had said it.

I became so good at this that I subconsciously dropped my Boston accent and for many years it wasn't present.

I have been away from West Virginia now for a few decades now and I believe my Boston accent has returned. Occasionally when I speak to a former classmate, from those days, on the phone, they will ask me to say that line once again. Now, being proud of my accent, I repeat that line in "proper Bostonian." They still giggle. :)

This video is a great example of that accent and how some people here are trying to lose it using a dog clicker. Perhaps they should add a shock collar too?

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