Sepia Saturday - All Aboooaaarrrd!

This Sepia Saturday was originally posted July 11, 2011. So why reinvent the wheel, right? (I've already made millions on that :) This matches perfectly with Alan's prompt of toy trains.

Sorry to every one that miss Fran and Bunt's adventures but you may see a few more photos of them from time to time. They did take a trip to the wilds of Alaska so I'll have to dig out some of those photos. Thanks to everyone that viewed or commented on that series. It was fun to post that.
Now back to my sampling of post cards:

This postcard is from Salem Willows Park in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem Willows is a beautiful peninsula that juts out into Salem Sound that has a few small beaches, a fishing wharf, and a small row of amusement arcades and eateries.
This antique postcard is of the mini train ride that used to be there. I was trying to find where this was taken and it didn't take me a long time as Salem Willow's amusement area is not that big. How I spotted this location was from the large building behind the engineers head. That building still exists. It now houses a merry-go-round and a few other kiddie rides.

My brother-in-law and I were trying to determine a date for this and we believe it's set in the 1930's by the looks of the car in the background.

The Boston & Maine Railroad was the main railroad through this area with a line that stretched from Portland, Maine to Boston, passing right through Salem not far from here. The Boston and Maine (B&M) no longer exists. The job of passenger rail has been taken over by the MBTA and Amtrak. Don't you love the unexcited look on the engineer's face as he drives his steam locomotive and cars full of screaming children on a hot summer day?
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Postcardy said…
It is interesting how the cars are labeled.

The engineer looks a bit too big for the train too.
Bob Scotney said…
There is a train ride in our local park but I've never seen it in operation. It seems to be a hobby for local engineers more interested in the engines than giving rides.
Christine H. said…
It is pretty funny to see that big guy atop the small train. I guess the novelty wears thin when you're doing it all the time. It looks like fun to me though.
Karen S. said…
I just visited Bob Scotney's SS post do check it out he's really covered the world of bumpers in an awesome way....and your SS is priceless in memories...I just rode a little train like that a few months ago...they still have them around...very nice post!
Jinksy said…
That 'baby train' takes me back - There was one at Southses for years...My kids loved it...
Howard said…
Great detective work, well done. I love the signs on the carriages - 'smoker', 'dining car' and 'parlor'.
PattyF said…
Very cool post. There's an amusement resort not too far from where I live that still has one of those miniature trains running around the park. It's quite an enjoyable ride, but adults don't fit in the cars quite the way children do. Surprisingly, though, there are many adults who do ride, and they are sans kids. I haven't been on that train in years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Alan Burnett said…
Congratulations on tracking down the location : there is always such a sense of achievement when you can manage to retrace a photographers' footsteps isn't there?
The engineer does look as if he could think of better things to do.
It looks like the little boy sitting behind the engineer couldn't get a seat in the smoker.
There's two ways of looking at this:

1. Imagine having to go around and around on a tiny train all day while kids screamed and barfed in the little cars


2. Imagine taking a leisurely stress free ride each day while children laughed with joy.
Unknown said…
We have one set up in our fall festival and of course the kiddos love it. We have, also in our town, a beautiful dinner train that runs in all seasons. Specials at holidays for sure. I tried to get a photo of it the other day but it was out on a trip. The depot where it is located in restored to vintage look and everything on the train is vintage. The servers even dress appropriately. It is very expensive.
We have been one time. Some good detective work here Mr. Crazy Fox.
Alan Burnett said…
This historic post seems to have my historic comment with it as well. Just as interesting the second time around - the post, not my comment!
While reading this I suddenly remembered the little train that's in a nearby park. I'd completely forgotten about it. Really like that first card.
Cute train! I'm not sure why, but I haven't been able to figure out how to leave a comment. Bob S. has helped me, and now I know that if somebody has already commented then I can too. If you just see a thumbs up on FB, that is me!

Kathy M.
I agree, why reinvent the wheel - this postcard is perfect and I enjoyed looking at it. The colors were beautiful and everyone was obviously having a grand time!

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