Sepia Saturday - There's the Waterwheel!

One of my favourite memories as a child was spotting landmarks along the road as we traveled from place to place. I would call out the name of the place as though I was the only one to see it, or I had seen it first before anyone else.

One such place was situated along US Route 1 in Rowley, Massachusetts. It's the country's first fulling mill, and dates back to 1638.

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The water wheel powered the machinery that processed wool. It was also a grist mill at one time. It's last use was as a gem mill, polishing stones smooth to be used in jewelry.

The waterwheel was very noticeable as it was painted orange and lighted at night. It always seemed to be turning. It was easy to spot from the road back then. It now has numerous trees growing up around the property.

When I spotted it, I would always say and almost sang this line... "there's the waterwheel!"

Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox

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Did somebody at Sepia Saturday say theme?
Hmmm waterwheels... space suits = Technology?

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