Beach Shadows

Winter Island - Salem , Massachusetts
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox

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Annabella said…
Love your header and what a beautiful beach! Happy SSS!
DougVernX said…
Thanks for your comment Annabella. The beach in the header is called Singing Beach. The sand on this beach makes a whooshing sound when you walk on it. That's how it got its name.It's in Manchester-by-the-sea, Massachusetts. The beach on this post is Waikiki Beach, but not the one in Hawaii. lol. This is Winter Island in Salem, Massachusetts and was part of an old Coast Guard float plane base. I suspect the name comes from those days as a military base.
Of all the shadows in your photo, I like the teeny tiny ones made by the pebbles and stones on the beach!


If I had a shadow as big as the sky,
I never would fear, and I’ll tell you why:

My shadow would save me from dragons and things
That fly in the night with terrible wings;

My shadow would keep me away from the beast
That sniffs in the west and sniffs in the east

Hungry for children who play all alone,
Hoping to feast upon blood, upon bone;

My shadow would be my protector and knight
To keep fear at bay, to banish all fright.

I’m so glad my shadow is always nearby,
Though it’s not nearly as big as the sky!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows in hoofprints and stone
Sylvia K said…
Love your shadow shot for the day! Looks like a great day to have been at the beach!! I was at a beach today and it was wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Karen S. said…
Ah yes, shadows filling space!
Anonymous said…
Great shadow for the day.
Looks like a nice beach to take a walk on. Another one for my list. lol
Kelly said…
Winter Island - Do the temperatures match the name? Fun shadow shot.
Lighthousegal said…
Lovely Shadow Shot. Looks like a beautiful place to go seeking shadows.
Very good and nice shadow shot.

forgetmenot said…
Beautiful beach and great Shadow Shots--silhouettes always make a photo interesting. Mickie :)

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