Buffy the Buffalo

There is a small family farm in Newbury, Massachusetts that does a great business selling locally grown produce. One of the attractions at Tendercrop Farm was Buffy the Buffalo. Buffy passed away recently at the ripe old age of 18.
Buffy the buffalo
Her friend "Salt" the llama in the background

Since it began in the 1970's Tendercrop Farm has always had a "main" attaction. A celebrity of sorts. It began with Hiram. Hiram was a darft horse. He was a giant of a horse, powerful but with a gentle demener. He was retired to live out his life eating fresh sweet hay and to allow little children to pet him. People would often stop by with apples, his favourite snack.

After Hiram passed the new farm celebrity was Buffy I. He was rescued from a farm nearby that was to be transformed into a country club.

The latest farm "celeb" was Buffy II. She was a feisty animal, occasionally getting loose from her pen. She leaves friends that stayed near her pen including a llama, cows, sheep, goats, ducks, and chickens, all farm celebrities in their own right.

Buffy's legacy will live on through the needy children in the poorest of countries she helped to support. The farm offered bread for sale for 25 cents a slice to feed Buffy The proceeds were donated to Partners in Development of Ipswich, an organization that strives to help the extreme poor in the neediest sections of the Caribbean and Central America become independent and improve their lives. Donations to feed Buffy supported at least six children a year
Nicely done Buffy... goodbye sweet girl.
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