Holding Hands

Originally posted August 19, 2011. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers from Crazy as a Cool Fox

Recently I biked to a local fishing pier to see what folks were pulling in. Just as I arrived someone pulled in a huge stripped bass. It was a fight to pull it up to the pier. Once it was on the deck it was causing a commotion among the other fishermen.

At that moment I turned around and looked back up toward the land end of the pier, I saw a mother and toddler son walking side by side coming toward me. Both of them had seen the great fish being landed and now flopping on the wood planking. Both of them were walking toward it slowly with caution.

Mother asked the boy, "see the fishy?" Without a reply the toddler's eyes widened as big as saucers. His focus was on the fish. The fish was still hooked and it's captors were working on releasing the hook. The fish was also close to the edge of the  pier. There was some danger as the little boy approached.

Almost in slow motion  both humans, mother and child, began an age old reach to each other. Neither had to look at each other. Neither had to say anything to each other. Neither of them had consciously thought the other's hand would be there. There was a magnetic, instinctual, reach of hands. Mothers hand reaching down to son. The boy's hand reaching up to momma. In slow motion, without looking, both hands clasped.

At that moment the feeling of trust was confirmed. The issue of safety was established. Mother was fulfilled that her son was safe. The little boy was fulfilled with the feeling being safe.

Natural instinct, we take it for granted, but it happens hundreds of times a day. It's a very strong and quick action sometimes. Slow your day down to take a moment to watch these amazingly simple and beautiful skills we all have.

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