A Horse is a Horse... Of Course... Of Course?

Photo and collage: CrazyasaCoolFox
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When researching for a future blog post on warhorses I was reminded of a statue in the neighboring town of Danvers. How wonderful I thought to have an statue of an actual war horse very close by. Well this morning I walked over to Danvers to take some photos of this delightful statue and gather some information.

The statue is of William Penn Hussey. He looks rather regal, doesn't he, sitting on his trusty steed. He is wearing a military uniform with fancy epilettes. His horse seems poised to march into battle.

Getting back to my reliable internet connection I found that William Penn Hussey was an inventor/coal entrepeneur. He invented the Hussey plow and imported coal from Great Britain and Nova Scotia.

His statue sits across the street from his former estate, "Riverbank." He is overlooking the beautiful Danvers River. The property is now in the hands of the New England School for the Deaf.

Guess what? He was never in the military, and his horse wasn't either. A war horse is a horse, of course of course!

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