Monsoon Season Continues

Okay, so today I was out getting some exercise on my bicycle when a massive line of thunderstorms decides to come this way. No problem I thought, I'll wait under the band shell for a couple of minutes and this will all blow over right?

No such luck. I happened to be stuck in one of the worst thunderstorms of the year and one I haven't seen in a long time. I was stranded under that band shell for 45 minutes while all hell broke loose. It rained, down poured and hailed. The wind was blowing horizontally. When it looked like it was letting up it wasn't. We had a nice fireworks demonstration, natural style. BOOOOOMMMM! 

It was lightening so much that my cell phone shut itself off. (probably self preservation) When I saw that I decided to leave my phone with my bike and back away slowly... I mean if there is enough electricity in the air to shut off a cell phone maybe I should put it some place else besides next to my ass.

When I looked up and saw the concrete canopy of the band shell was starting to move in the wind I decided to bug out. I stood up against the backside of the shell. At least if it was coming down I was going to be on the good side of it. But foolishly I left my bike and phone right where they would have been crushed. Ahh the sacrifices that bike has made for me.

Photos and collage: CrazyasaCoolFox

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Jon said…
We could sure use that rain here in West Texas!(you can keep the lightning, though....). The worst storms I ever saw were in the Missouri Ozarks and they seemed to have them every day.
Anyway, I'm glad you made it through this storm safely!
Christine H. said…
Wow, how dramtaic. We have lots of rain here in Oregon, but mostly it's relatively light and continuous.

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