Sepia Saturday - Cow Card

Going along with the Sepia Saturday theme I dug out this old post card with cows looking very curiously at the photographer.

Old Town Hill is not in Newburyport as the card states, it is in Newbury. Newburyport was once part of Newbury and broke away in 1764. It came to be better known than it's parent due to shipping and shipbuilding industry on the banks of the Merrimack River. I suspect the photographer just developed many photos from the Newburyport area and lumped them all together.

There are fine views of Plum Island and the ocean from the top. One can still find curious cows on Old Town Hill.

Message: Much love from Isabelle just going to bed good night all. Julia
Addressed to: Mrs G. Muh 89 Stuyvesant Ave, Brooklyn
Postmark: Newburyport, July 21, 1910 7:30 AM
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
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You can find a lot of bull at Sepia Saturday by clicking here.
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