Sepia Saturday - Trees Glore!

This week in Sepia Saturday the theme seems to be one of a tree. My post is of not one tree but hundreds! The postcard is of the approach to the plank road to Salisbury Beach. The planks would have begun where there is a bit of marshy land before you arrive at the beach proper. The laid planks would keep the wagon wheels from sinking into the soft ground. The photo is taken somewhere on Beach Road. Beach Road today looks nothing like this photo. Its much more honky tonk with seasonal eateries, shops, and motels. The Google Streetview photo below shows the road as it is today.
Message: Salisbury Beach Mass. Dear Mrs Travis, Harry and I are having a nice time, hope Mr, Travis is feeling better than when I left home. Trusting you are well. With love. Your's respectfully A. Winslow.
Addressed to: Mrs G. Travis 88 Bowers St. Nashua, NH.
Postmark: Newburyport Mass Cushing Branch. (Cushing was another name for Salisbury Beach.) August 23, 7:30AM. The year is indeterminable. I would have to guess it was sent in the early 1900s.

Postcards: CrazyasaCoolFox
Photo: Google

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Bob Scotney said…
I suppose the saying would have to change, 'I can't see trees for the planks!'
Neat card.
Postcardy said…
More like 'you can't see the planks for the trees."
Rosie said…
It brings back to me that trees were very useful, ships and their masts were built out of trees, yes, lovely to look at, but very useful too!
What a shame all the trees are gone. I know which view I prefer.
Karen S. said…
Just wait for winter you'll see it all then!
What a wonderful postcard! I enjoyed learning about plank roads; I'd never heard of that before, but it makes sense.

Happy SS,

Kathy M.
Like an old bridge with a plank floor over the waterway. Just love the google map next to the old view.
Isn't that heartbreaking to see it now. I hate seeing trees cut down. Nearby another orchard was torn out this week to make way for wine grapes. I absolutely detest vineyards and feel it a crime every time an orchard is torn out.

This road was once worth the journey. Now it appears to just be a place to get through quickly.
Thanks so much everyone for all the nice comments. Yes it truly is sad to see trees taken away. And when an orchard is taken away it's even sadder. In this area I have seen orchards taken for housing development. It almost hurts to drive by an orchard where I once enjoyed freshly picked apples only to see cookie cutter homes.
Alan Burnett said…
I was going to say that most of the trees seem to have vanished now, but looking more closely at the modern Google view there still seem to be quite a few in the distance. Thanks for introducing me to another part of the world.

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