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Sepia Saturday - The Mystery of the Missing Fountain

There's a horse in this week's theme photo so here's my entry in this race.
The post cards show a beautiful fountain topped off by a guilded horse. Actually this was a horse watering station on the corner of High and Auburn Streets in Newburyport, Massachusetts.
It's labelled as the Taggart Fountain. No one seems to know what became it. I've asked around and all I get are evasive answers. Perhaps it went into a scrap heap after it lived it's useful life? Perhaps it's deterioration was beyond repair? Perhaps politicians turned their backs on it, and now it sits in someones backyard?
Message 1: i am here just for the afternoon. A. and I are having a great time all by our lonesome. I bought two pieces of music and some candy for a treat. H. Addressed to Mrs. Alice Lincoln Meredith, N.H. Postmark. October 1, 1906 5:30P Newburyport, Mass Message 2: Well Bill received your postal and I intended to be out Sunday night but felt on the burn and I remained in the hous…

Loons on Golden Pond

Thursday Challenge theme: Golden
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Floating Lighthouse


Waikiki Beach

This really is Waikiki Beach. It's on located Winter Island in Salem, Massachusetts. It doesn't sound quite as appealing as the real Waikiki Beach does it?
Let me tell you, the water temperature is no where near the water temp one would find in Hawaii. In fact the low water temp in Hawaii is never close to the high water temp here.
But How did this place happen to be given an Hawaiian name? Well Winter Island was once a military base. The Coast Guard had a seaplane base here for years. In fact there is still an old hangar and administration building left over from those days. I would imagine that after a hot summer afternoon of working on seaplane engines, a few military personnel would stroll on over to Waikiki Beach to cool down. Maybe some of them were once stationed in Hawaii.
Look! There's even a few folk enjoying the cool summer water!

Big Bridge - Small Sailors


Shadow Flags

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The End is Nigh

This was originally posted early this summer. The theme for that day was "empty" and this was entitled "Empty Pews." I walked by Saint Joseph's today and saw demolition equipment set up in the parking lot. There were "no trespassing" signs nailed to the front doors of the church. It seems all avenues of appeal to stop demolition have been exhausted. Soon there will be high priced condos and a CVS in this spot. It's sad to lose a church...

Original post "Empty Pews"
Nothing can be emptier than a closed church. This is Saint Joseph's Church in Salem, Massachusetts. This once vibrant parish has been closed for 7 years now. There was a plan in place to demolish it and to redevelop the site into housing and shops. That demolition plan is on hold due to the architectural significance, called "International style," of the building.

There is a nice park across the street where you can see a monument to World War I and II veterans fr…

Family Photo

Family photos are always fun at Christmas time. Everyone is dressed with their very best and high in spirit. Here in this photo I'm the little guy with the suspenders and bow tie sitting on my sister's lap. My dad is poking his head in on the right. (he probably had the camera on a timer) My grandfather is back row left and great grandfather back row right. Those of you that have followed my Fran and Bunt's Western Adventure series, my mother Fran standing on the left and that's my Auntie Bunt in the dress with the red collar.
Thursday Chalenge is a collaboration for bloggers.
This week's challenge is "family."
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Juniper Cove - A Summer Low Tide

This is a stitch-up I did of a little inlet not far from where I live.
Nothing moves in or out at low tide. The channel is too shallow.

The photos didn't match up that well. With practice I'll get better.
I'll have to shoot more photos each time I think.
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The Social Fox

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Timeless Shadows

Although this is not my own photograph, I was using this postcard in another post and noticed the massive shadow across the print. This is Salisbury Square in Salisbury, Massachusetts. It's a very small rural town in northern Massachusetts which has an attractive resort beach.
This shot was taken at the town center about two miles from the beach. The postmark on the back is indiscernible but I believe this was shot about the turn of the 20th century. Notice the team of horses in the background to the left. The trolley was probably turning from the Beach Road heading south toward Newburyport.
It looks to be morning in the early spring or late autumn as the trolley conductor seems to be dressed in a heavy coat. The shadow is long with the sun low in the sky from the east.
The tree that causes this shadow is an American Elm. Another elm can be seen to the right. Elms were once plentiful in this area but Dutch Elm disease decimated them. American city and town streets were once lined…

Sepia Saturday - Station Relocation

Last week's Sepia Saturday post was of a train station where a President was speaking. This week's post is of a train station that same President passed through on his campaign trip.

This is the old Salem, Massachusetts train station which was on the southern side of the downtown area. It is on the B&M (Boston and Maine) line from Boston to Portland, Maine.

The trains here drove right inside this station to load and unload passengers then continued up Washington Street. Yes it continued right on the street grade through downtown Salem, north to Maine. This made for for major traffic tie ups even in the age of horse and buggy which can be seen in the above photo. There were 6 street crossings in the downtown area. Trains, automobiles, and pedestrians don't mix very well. The line was later submerged below ground in a tunnel.

The old station is gone now. After years of neglect it became an eyesore and beyond repair. It was demolished in the 1950's and replaced by a s…

la tromperie de œil

Trick of the eye... What do you see here?

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I hope you enjoy another one of my stitch-ups. This is a small cove on the North River near where I live.
Today on the 10th anniversary of terrorist attacks it's been a day of reflection. There's some peaceful reflection in this photo.

Shadows of Towers

September 14, 1997
That day I stood in the shadows of the World Trade Center
having completed a fund raising bike ride from Boston to New York City.

Four years later the towers were gone...

Sepia Saturday - Presidential Train Station

The above postcard shows presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt campaigning at the Newburyport, Massachusetts train station in 1912. The President would have made 14 other stops that day, including one here in Salem, in his failed attempt to retake the White House under the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party.
Below is a postcard of the train station as is was back then at the Washington Street crossing. Roosevelt was speaking just to the right of the canopy.  The rail line beyond crosses Merrimac Street then crosses the Merrimack River on the trestle as seen in the lower photo.  This area where the old train station was, is now wooded and part of the Clipper City Rail Trail.

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Fire Water

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This week's theme was fire.
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