The End is Nigh

This was originally posted early this summer. The theme for that day was "empty" and this was entitled "Empty Pews." I walked by Saint Joseph's today and saw demolition equipment set up in the parking lot. There were "no trespassing" signs nailed to the front doors of the church. It seems all avenues of appeal to stop demolition have been exhausted. Soon there will be high priced condos and a CVS in this spot. It's sad to lose a church...

Original post "Empty Pews"
Nothing can be emptier than a closed church. This is Saint Joseph's Church in Salem, Massachusetts. This once vibrant parish has been closed for 7 years now. There was a plan in place to demolish it and to redevelop the site into housing and shops. That demolition plan is on hold due to the architectural significance, called "International style," of the building.

There is a nice park across the street where you can see a monument to World War I and II veterans from St. Joe's. The inscription around the winged angel of victory reads, "time will not dim the glory of their deeds. I have embedded a Youtube video on the move to save St. Joe's, at the end of this post.
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There is a legend that a statue of Saint Joseph from the original structure, that was destroyed in the Great Salem Fire, was buried in the parking lot while it was being rebuilt. But where would that statue be buried?

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