Sepia Saturday - The Mystery of the Missing Fountain

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There's a horse in this week's theme photo so here's my entry in this race.

The post cards show a beautiful fountain topped off by a guilded horse. Actually this was a horse watering station on the corner of High and Auburn Streets in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

It's labelled as the Taggart Fountain. No one seems to know what became it. I've asked around and all I get are evasive answers. Perhaps it went into a scrap heap after it lived it's useful life? Perhaps it's deterioration was beyond repair? Perhaps politicians turned their backs on it, and now it sits in someones backyard?

Message 1: i am here just for the afternoon. A. and I are having a great time all by our lonesome. I bought two pieces of music and some candy for a treat. H. Addressed to Mrs. Alice Lincoln Meredith, N.H. Postmark. October 1, 1906 5:30P Newburyport, Mass
Message 2: Well Bill received your postal and I intended to be out Sunday night but felt on the burn and I remained in the house. The senator is giving it strong in Boston town. best regards. Bill M. Addressed to Mr. William Chiswall Gen. Del. Kittery, Maine. Postmark: Nov 1, 1911 3:30P Newburyport, Mass

This bottom photo shows a Google Earth street view of the intersection of High and Auburn Streets as it is today. In the middle of the crossroads is a planter that was once used as horse watering trough. This is the only landmark I've ever known to be at this location. As you can see the Kelly School still stands. Children no longer walk the halls to classes but they do have use of it as a youth center.

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