Sleepy Dad

If this post looks familiar, it was posted just a few months ago for Sepia Saturday.

What amazing information can be gleaned from a newspaper in a photo. This photo, which I scanned from thousands of old slides my mother had stored, is of my father. I knew that the date was early 60's from the label on the box.

With my editing software I was able to zoom into one of the headlines in the photo. I could make out, "U.N. Rejects Cuba's ???????? Charges." I typed into Google that exact phrase and up came this website which pretty much summarizes the news of that day.

The UN had just rejected Cuba's accusation that the US was planning an invasion. The date was November 2, 1960. The article speaks of Castro, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon and a Senator John F. Kennedy. Also, there is some political rumbling over an upcoming election in six days.

Dad always bought two papers on his way home from work, the Boston Globe and the local Newburyport Daily News. After dinner he would read them in the living room. November 2nd was a Wednesday, thus a work day. That's why my dad was sound asleep in his chair with the daily newspapers on his lap.

Oh yes, the silly hat? November 2nd was dad's birthday.
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Little Nell said…
Great detective work. Your Dad must have been worn out by the celebrations.
Postcardy said…
That's a fun picture. I get the feeling that the hat and arrangement of newspapers were added after he fell asleep.
Karen S. said…
Oh that's just too cool! I've always liked paper hats! Children today not so much, unless they are really young! Cool post!
Brett Payne said…
I don't know if I could ever fall asleep in a chair with that pattern ;-)
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Fantastic photo. Work then his birthday celebrations have worn him out, and it doesn't look as though he is the least bit fazed by the pattern of the upholstery.
Rosie said…
People can find the oddest places to fall asleep. Take my youngest son for instance. On Christmas Day, when he was about two years old, I couldn't find him, looked all over the house, I finally found him, he had crawled among the opened gifts and wrappings--underneath the christmas tree!!
Unknown said…
Yes he is at ease in his easy chair after the work day. Looks like he might slump off. Good photo with lots of interesting detail.
Bob Scotney said…
Why shouldn't a man have a nap on his birthday? I'll bet it wasn't the newspaper story that sent him to sleep.
I just love that picture of your father! He looks worn out, poor soul.
Oh, I prefer to think the hat is his crown and when he came home each evening he was the king of his castle.
Christine H. said…
Great photo. I love the contrast of the silly (the hat) and the serious (the paper)
Mike Brubaker said…
Terrific photo and detective work. A father's day special.

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