Timeless Shadows

Although this is not my own photograph, I was using this postcard in another post and noticed the massive shadow across the print. This is Salisbury Square in Salisbury, Massachusetts. It's a very small rural town in northern Massachusetts which has an attractive resort beach.

Post card: CrazyasaCoolFox
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This shot was taken at the town center about two miles from the beach. The postmark on the back is indiscernible but I believe this was shot about the turn of the 20th century. Notice the team of horses in the background to the left. The trolley was probably turning from the Beach Road heading south toward Newburyport.

It looks to be morning in the early spring or late autumn as the trolley conductor seems to be dressed in a heavy coat. The shadow is long with the sun low in the sky from the east.

The tree that causes this shadow is an American Elm. Another elm can be seen to the right. Elms were once plentiful in this area but Dutch Elm disease decimated them. American city and town streets were once lined with elms. Steps have been taken to save the stately tree from this disease and many have been replanted. Hopefully they will be growing straight and tall many years from now to provide shadows for another photograph!
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