Waikiki Beach

This really is Waikiki Beach. It's on located Winter Island in Salem, Massachusetts. It doesn't sound quite as appealing as the real Waikiki Beach does it?

Let me tell you, the water temperature is no where near the water temp one would find in Hawaii. In fact the low water temp in Hawaii is never close to the high water temp here.

Photo and Editing: CrazyasaCoolFox
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But How did this place happen to be given an Hawaiian name? Well Winter Island was once a military base. The Coast Guard had a seaplane base here for years. In fact there is still an old hangar and administration building left over from those days. I would imagine that after a hot summer afternoon of working on seaplane engines, a few military personnel would stroll on over to Waikiki Beach to cool down. Maybe some of them were once stationed in Hawaii.

Look! There's even a few folk enjoying the cool summer water!

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