Sepia Saturday - Bridge Over Muddy Waters

This body of water looks like it could be the Mississippi River, right? It's really Lake Champlain. The lake was clouded from the run off from Hurricane Irene in late August 2011. Massive flooding in New York and Vermont caused silt to drain into the normally clear lake.

Lake Champlain Bridgecam

The bridge is a replacement of the Crown Point Bridge that was condemned suddenly in late 2010. It connected New York and Vermont. The new bridge is scheduled to be opened May of 2012. A temporary car ferry cuts off a 100 mile detour. I'm sure there is a very long wait for that boat!
Original Crown Point Bridge - Dedication 1929
The water has since cleared in Lake Champlain.
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Drive your Chevrolet across the bridge to more fine Sepia Saturday posts by clicking here.
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I do love the shape of the new bridge, quite similar to the old one. I presume they found some unsuspected defects.
Christine H. said…
I guess it's a good thing when they condemn a bridge BEFORE something tragic happens. It's a graceful design.
Bob Scotney said…
Your love of bridges continues with this smart new bridge.
I love bridges too, and unfortunately, ours don't fare too well lately. MOst should be redone... but this looks promising. thanx 4 sharing!!

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